Pastology Heading to Rootstech 2011!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Congratulations to our very own CEO, Chris Starr, who has been slated to give two presentations at the first annual Rootstech Conference this February held in Salt Lake City Utah! Hosted by Family Search, Rootstech is touted as "A New Family History and Technology Conference to Define the Future of Genealogy". To paraphrase, this conference is designed to bring programmers and genealogy tech users together in one place to learn from each other. If both sides get together, the future of genealogy tech design will be much more intuitive to the users needs. Anyone interested in the present use and future development of genealogy technology should try to attend.

Here is a sneak peak at the two presentations given by Chris on Friday and Saturday:

2/11 - 11:00am: Semantic Web Meets the Family Social Graph (FSG)
Social networks are linked through “friends” to form “social graphs”, while ignoring the oldest social graph of all - the family tree. This paper will focus on the Semantic Web’s relevance to genealogy, followed by the exploration of “Family Social Graphs” (FSGs), and how they can facilitate genealogical research and collaboration.

2/12 - 9:45am: Family Social Graph (FSG) Mashups – A Family Gathering
This presentation shall demonstrate web-based genealogical mashup techniques and technologies (e.g., XML, JSON, REST, Ajax). Specifically, the presentation will show how Facebook, Twitter and genealogical information can be combined in a single view to provide improved knowledge discovery, deeper insights on the past and richer ties to current family events.

Congratulations again, and we look forward to this exciting new kind of conference!



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